METER ITALIA was born from three players in the sectors of measurement and gas:

Cooperativa Bilanciai, that designs and manufactures the entire know-how of the components in the measuring chain for weighing systems

Sacofgas Spa, since 1927 a company focused on the design, manufacturing and commercialization of plants for the producton of city gas.

CPL CONCORDIA, a multi-utility Cooperative group, a big player of the services for the distribution of gas

METER ITALIA offers a complete range of smart meters, both industrial and domestic, designed to be flexible, innovative and robust. The innovations introduced in the market by METER ITALY are the net volumes industrial meters– which can be equipped, even after the installation, of a radio card for data communication and the modular domestic meter , which can be installed without a radio card and thereafter may be adjusted with the communication device you want.

Meter Italia is a dynamic company, with a short chain, able to quickly interpret the needs of the gas distribution worlds, which is in vigorous change towards the integration of digital content.

Our mission is to provide reliable, secure, competitive and made ​​in Italy products.